Svetozár Stračina Grand Prix is an international competition and presentation of folk music recordings organized by Radio and Television Slovakia (RTVS) in cooperation with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and Stračina´s World Society. It follows up the Prix de musique folklorique de Radio Bratislava competition which was organized by former Slovak Radio in the period from 1970 to 1993. After several years of interruption, the existence of the competition was renewed and since 2003 the festival had been held biennially in Bratislava, carrying the name after the above mentioned outstanding Slovak composer. 

The aim of SSGP is primarily the support of creation and presentation of both traditional and arranged folk music. During the long year existence of the festival several thousands of recordings from all over the world - both European and non-European countries, had been presented within the competition, including i.a. those from Cuba, China, Tunisia, Vietnam or India. At the same time, the festival became a venue for the meetings of experts in the field of folk music, offering at an international level a space for fruitful discussions and mutual exchange of theoretical, technical and professional expertise. It helps to form the European cultural awareness and last but not least supports - thanks to possibility to use the competing recordings in broadcasting of the respective radio stations - the international programme exchange in the field of musical folklore.

13 countries, 15 broadcasters and 40 competing entries

SSGP 2021 Summaries of Competing Entries, Part 1
SSGP 2021 Summaries of Competing Entries, Part 2

  Country   Broadcaster
 Austria  ATORF - Austrian Broadcasting Corporation
 Bulgaria  BGBNR - Bulgarian National Radio
 Canada  CACBC - Radio Canada
 Czech Republic  CZCR - Czech Radio
 Croatia  HRHRT - Croatian Radio
 Latvia  LVLR - Latvian Radio
 Moldova  MDTRM - Moldova Radio
 Romania  ROROR - Radio Romania
 Serbia  RSRTS - Radio Belgrade
 RSRTV - Radio Television of Vojvodina
 Russia  RUOP - Radio Orpheus
 RURTR - Radio Russia
 Sweden  SESR - Swedish Radio
 Slovakia  SKRTVS - Radio and Television Slovakia
 Ukraine  UAPBC - Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine

List of Competing Entries SSGP 2021

  Country   Broadcaster   Title


ATORF - Austrian Broadcasting Corporation

Three Stockings Made Out of Leather


BGBNR - Bulgarian National Radio

I Hear Voices Coming From Afar
Like a Shoppe Melody
Set the Lightwood on Fire, Maiden Kito
Thracian Chants


CACBC - Radio Canada

Chagall Suite

Czech Republic

CZCR - Czech Radio

Gypsy Megamix
Listen to the Sounds of the Forest
The Beskydy Chameleon


HRHRT - Croatian Radio

I Tore Everything Up
Last Night I Held Hands With My Darling


LVLR - Latvian Radio

Silver Horse


MDTRM - Moldova Radio

Life is Running Fast


ROROR - Radio Romania

Folk Dances
Mary, Sweet Mary


RSRTS - Radio Belgrade

I Bar Val Pudela Caje
Medley of a Song and Kolo
Šile´s Medley
Vranje Suite


RSRTV - Radio Television of Vojvodina

Gypsy Airs
I´m Going, I´m Going
Maria, Oh, Daughter Maria
The End of the World


RUOP - Radio Orpheus

Beautiful Girls Came Out
In the Evening to Me, the Damsel (A Little Nightingale Flew)
Oh, Hens, Hens
Oh, Home All the Cummers Went


RURTR - Radio Russia

It Was Early Spring
There Is a Guelder Rose in the Valley
This Is Russia


SESR - Swedish Radio

Felgubben after Sören Johansson
Full Speed Ahead
Klilo dqolose
Polska after Hultklappen


SKRTVS - Radio and Television Slovakia

I Did Not Come Too Often
Joyful Time, Merry Time
Lullabies from Liptov
Niška Banja


UAPBC - Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine

Let Us Come In